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Track Name: We're Not Friends Anymore Again
Take what you can get and get it while you can, I understand it. Think twice not about where it leaves me again, I understand it. Don't worry, I think I'm all right. Don't worry, I'm sure I'll be fine.
Track Name: Caroline
In another world we did everything right. We loved only one another. We never cried, we'd never fight. We got married in a small church. Your grandmother held me tight. And it was only a year later we had Caroline. From the first day she looked just like you: Tan skin and thick black hair. My mom said she had my eyes, so into my eyes I would stare. Caroline grew up quickly and Caroline learned words. She would talk until she fell asleep. She made us laugh until it hurt. And one day you taught her how to paint her favorite animals. And one day I taught her how to strum and make chords. She would never know our heartache -- she'd inherit only our love. We retired back to Michigan. On the lake we built a home. Caroline visited one weekend with her husband and a daughter of her own.
Track Name: Americans
Our fathers are of the same temperament: Some small slight they still carry with them. And our mothers are famous apologists. It's not hard to see how we came to this. Shared ancestries lead to a shared life. Corresponding bodies, correlated minds. Too stubborn to stop, too smart to let it end. Too late to try to fashion it again. We were fortunate, rich beyond our dreams. So we spent unwisely, wasted prosperity. We forgot a past of destitution and pain, but I think I remember it pretty well today.
Track Name: Another Song
I wrote you a song. You didn't seem to notice so now I'm writing you another one. Oh, well. I think of you often, I wonder if you think of me at all. I think of what we could have been by now. Oh, well.
Track Name: Victory (At Long Last)
This fight is easy to end, if not so easy to win. So you can tell it to all our friends: Your victory at long last. I'm the loser, I guess I've always been. So you can hold this over my head. But I'll be damned if I let you win after all it took to get to this. I'll be damned if I let you win without knowing what it feels like to kill a man.
Track Name: Dwelling
I don't know if I'm right, but in the image frozen in my mind, you are happy within the context of a picture perfect life. And in love with everyone. And especially the one who succeeds me. The thought kills me, but I know I shouldn't be dwelling. God help me, I would still love to talk to you. Embarrassing, I feel I need to. God help me, I would still love to be with you. Embarrassing, what I'd give to.
Track Name: I Think I Owe You an Apology
You said time heals all wounds. It's untrue. You said I would find something new. I would still like to believe you. Every night, the same dream. And in them you are still so pretty. I don't dare call or try to speak. Or apologize, I couldn't possibly. You didn't even tell me you would go. You didn't even tell me you were gone.
Track Name: August, Maybe
If you saw her run to you, you'd understand. It's never happened before and it's never happened again. If you saw her smile for you, you would know why it's so hard to let her go. Even now. I've wasted my youth and I've wasted my lines on someone who isn't listening. I've wasted my life and I've wasted your time. I'm still in love with a feeling so fleeting. I know her only as she used to be.
Track Name: Varinia
I began a war for you alone. I'll fight an empire in revolt. Tomorrow may not come but if it does we'll never want for more. Varinia needs something to believe. We camp tonight by the sea. Varinia deserves a free and just world. Tonight I give it to her in answer. Tomorrow may not come but if it does we'll never want for more. I hold no belief in the gods but tonight I pray to each and every one. You may kill me but in my place you create a million. There was at least once he was right: When he said, "Taste is not appetite." Carry me to safety when you go. If I should not wake again, promise me you won't ever forget. Carry me to safety when you go. I'll never make it through this night alone.
Track Name: Grand Rapids
I have loved you from afar for so long it's all I know. I have loved no one at all for so long. I should just get in my car and drive to you to say, "There is no distance so far it could ever keep me away." But you wouldn't want me there, I would only make a scene. I know it just wouldn't be fair to you, to him, to them, to me. I can only take so much. I can only try so hard. I can only run so long. I can only push so far.
Track Name: Too Pretty For Porn
She's too pretty for porn. Sometimes I can't believe my luck, sometimes I can't believe how unlucky one man could be. I want to save her from herself but I need her to save myself from me.
Track Name: Casey Klein
I'm on that suicide swag and if I'm going to love someone who'll never love me back, I'll love Casey Klein. Yeah, a fictional character will do just fine. At least then I'll never have to wonder why she never writes or seems interested in my life. I'm on that suicide swag and if I'm going to love someone who'll never love me back, I'll love Audrey Horne.
Track Name: Like it Never Happened
Please help me. Thinking of everywhere I could've been and everything I said I'd do and still haven't. And I know that tonight is no different. What if I never make it out again? I can't blame you for my own failures. I can't explain or justify them. What if when I get out there's no one left? I don't want to give up again, but I can't take another night like this. When I dream it's like it never happened. When I wake it happens all over again. I've sabotaged myself for the last time tonight.
Track Name: Il-de-France
In memory of a past dream, unrealized but recurring, I will write a new ending to this story. I wish I had somewhere to be or someone who could help me finally start forgetting I'm still in mourning. But I can't help but remembering every word you wept to me. I'm stronger than I let you see and for that I'm sorry. Slow this train. Make it take all day because I've no where else to be going and I don't know when or if I'll ever see her again. I have wrote lists of the cons and pros of suicide and her name seems to have made its way to the top of them both.
Track Name: For C.M.V.
I will make music for you. I will write songs about you. I will not stop until your body replaces this guitar in my arms.